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Through the looking glass 520 Cheap Monday Clairvoyant - Eyewear in USA - cavaaller-Itwillbefine

Through the looking glass 520 - Cheap Monday Clairvoyant Eyewear

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51-20  140   Black mate - open your third eye marking  on frame/eyeglasses top.

"Open your third eye:  Eyewear is a fashion accessory"

-Cheap Monday Clairvoyant,2010-

These frames have anti-reflective demo lenses, for ready-to wear accessories of style and character. discrete marking with their motto: "over my dead body"

*Limited edition collectibles pieces, ready to wear *


                      a: 51mm    b: 20 mm   c:140mm


About the brand: Precursors of affordable sophistication, style and irreverence. Cheap Monday Clairvoyant is the optical interpretation of Cheap Monday an underground Scandinavian jeans and fashion brand-

These pieces are collectible wearables, limited editions of optical quality eyewear (do not mistake these with their cheaper sunnies, just for looks).

True to cheap Monday philosophy, these pieces are timeless, sophisticated in their genre and made affordable for style gurus on a budget.